CT Ranch 2017 Foals    
Foaled on natural grass pastures in the Couteau Hills of South Dakota,
the CT Ranch foals are acclimated by their dams in a natural setting to varying terrain's, water crossings ,   
and the dynamics of a herd.


CTR Sarcee Yamini 
ApHC Eligible
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

            Sarcee, 2017 Stallion. 100% FPD
Sired by our Jr. Stallion, we were pretty impressed with this second foal by CTR Turn and Burn and out of the good mare Tobys Mystic Image.  He is wildly marked and one of the things that really dress him up are those white tipped ears!  Very correct, very sweet and playful we really like this guy!
5 panel N/N by parentage.

Sold, congrats to Judith Vinyard

His Bloodlines include:

2x's My Silver Eagle,
Patchy Yamini, GAS Sundance Image, Simcoes Sarcee

CTR Red Hot Ballerina
ApHC # Eligible
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

                    Ballerina, 2017 filly.  100% FPD
Look at this brand new brilliant chestnut baby!  Already discovering the cooling water and mastering no fear.  this filly is out of CTR Ochoco Dahli X CTR Smokin Hot Eagle, both of whom were raised on the same pastures, felt the same effects of the water, varying terrain and are the better for it. 
This is a first filly for Dahli, and I could not be more pleased with her.
Sold along with her dam to Carly and Meagan!
Her Bloodlines Include:

2x's My Silver Eagle,
Ulrich Sioux Kay, Ulrich Cheyanne,  Ulrich Rakush,
Money Creek Rockledge, MT Whirlachic

CTR Ima Smokin Hot Toby
ApHC Eligible
FAHR/ICAA Eligible

      Toby, 2017 stallion, 100% FPD
This colt is sired by CTR Smokin Hot Eagle and out the good mare IMA Tobys Kiah.  We waited three years for this kid and he sure was worth the wait!  A gorgeous bay leopard, with an inquisitive gentle nature, you sure can tell who his sire is! 
Sold to Lloyd and Michelle, congrats guys!
His Bloodlines Include:

GAS Sundance Image,  Coinage, Polkadott Toby,
Sun Powder Spirit, Pratt Toby Secret

CTR Hallowed Rain
ApHC Elibile

                      2017, 100% FPD Foundation filly
Another fabulous cross between CTR Smokin Hot Eagle and CTR Stillwind Reign!  We ar very pleased with this lovely black leopard filly.  Both sire and dam are out of proven breeding stallions and it clearly shows.  This filly will mature to the 16 hand range. 
More pictures once she is more then a hour old!
Sold and joining her dam in Canada
Her Bloodlines Include:

RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain, My Silver Eagle,
Kaniksus Spots,  Ghostwinds Echo

CTR Smokin Darkstar
ApHC Eligible
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

                               Darkstar, 100% FPD, 2017 filly
Sired by our homegrown stallion, CTR Smokin Hot Eagle and out of Hidden Hills Aurora,  to say we are pleased with this filly is a understament. 
CT Ranch has always maintained that some of our very best foals were the result of crossing the 'My Silver Eagle' blood with that of 'RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain' and once again that point has been well proven in this filly.  Aurora's sire is a Ulrich Papillon son, and Attas dam is a Ulrich Papillon daughter.  Of course Smoke is a Eagle son.  These bloodline crosses are magic!
Sold !
Her Bloodlines Include:

Ghost Winds Echo, Ulrich Papillon, Kaniksus Spots,
Ulrich Many Coups, Pratt Toby Secret

CTR Speed Demon
ApHC Eligible
ICAA Eligible

            Speed, 2017 stallion             
This black leopard colt it out of High Sign Penny X CTR Turn And Burn.   'Penny' is a own daughter of the Extreme Cowboy Challenge Champion, Smart Little Sign!  Coming from a long line of preformance horses this guy will be a great prospect.  We expect him to mature to the 15.1 hand range.  Great bone, nice and correct, a super colt!
Sold...  Congratualtions to Jennifer Lindsey!
His Bloodlines Include:
High Sign, Kaniksus Spots, Ima Little Prescript,
Golden Leopard, My Silver Eagle

CTR Murder Hollow
ApHC Eligible
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

     Jane, 2017 foundation bred filly, 100% FPD
Jane is four generations of CT Ranch bred stock, and we just couldn't be more pleased with her.  Sired by CTR Earth Wind N Fire and out of Wyoming wind, she is a great grand-daughter of Deacons Tuf Jungle, whose breeder was Dick Foster.  Deacons Tuf Jungle, aka Autumn is the first foundation Appaloosa mare I ever purchased and is still with me today at the grand old age of 28. 
Jane carries a long list of influential 'F' prefixed horses in her pedigree as well as the genetically proven breeding studs 'My Silver Eagle' and 'RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain' once owned and promoted by CT Ranch.  She and her dam will be joining CTR Super Sonic,  a 2010 son of RDF Ti KHA Atta Rain in Pennsylvania.
Sold!  Congratulations to Murder Hollow Ranch

Her Bloodlines include:

4X's Chief Of Fourmile,
Kaniksus Spots, A coyote Fourmile, Fourmiles Stormy, Kemos Fire Shadow,
4X's Bambie E, Storm Cloud F

CTR A Star Is Born
ApHC Eligible
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

     Easter, 2017 filly, 100% FPD
Born on Easter and with me watching the delivery, her little star was quite apparent while she was being born, and my thought at the time was 'a star is born' and hence her name.   Her barn name is Easter and both are very fitting!   We just love this girl!
Sold....Congrats Lloyd and Michelle!

Her Bloodlines include:

CR Easter, CharEd's Tuff Tony,
Apache Polar Star, Apaches Kid Galahad

CTR Fourmiles Of Ash
ApHC Eligible
ICAA/FAHR eleigible

                 Ash, 2017 Foundation bred stud colt  100% FPD
Our 2017 foaling season is off to a fine start with this lovely bay leopard colt!  He arrived four days early, but when we saw him it was no wonder.  This kid had run out of growing room.  He has great bone and long legs!  So far he is a pretty verbal boy.  I come into the barn and get to hear him nicker for me.  Sweet foal!  Heavily foundation bred, he carries up close breeding to Simcoes Sarcee on the top side and the maternal side within his first four generations you find  Moneycreek Rockledge and Tobys Nootka.
This colt is 5 panel N/N by parentage
CT Ranch wishes to Congratulate Michelle on the purchase of Ash!

His Bloodlines Include:

2x's Kaniksus Spots, 2x's Golden Leopard, Sun Powder Spirit
 4x's Chief Of Fourmile

CTR Playing With Fire
ApHC Eligible
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

         Mischeif, 2017 stud colt.  100% FPD
This lovely bay fewspot colt is sired by CTR Earth Wind N Fire, Owned by Dream Makers Appaloosas, and out of the good mare Candy Coated Angel. His pedigree gives him a lot to live up to, and thus far he has a good start.  Soft kind eyes, a gentle soul, it has to be a precursor to a spark of mischief!  We'll keep you updated as it blooms!  Mischief is 5 panel N/N by parentage.
Sold!  Congrats to Will Ranch
His bloodlines include:

Candy Coated West, Arrows Apache, LC Calido Cloud
Kemos Fire Shadow, Brave Moon

As the days get longer, the foaling season gets closer...........excitment is in the air!

Below  you will find the four registered foundation stallions  used for the 2016 breeding season and the mares they were bred to. 
Please note:  All stallions are 5 panel Negative.

CTR Smoking Hot Eagle  X

CTR Stillwind Reign,  
CTR Ochoco Dahli,
Ima Tobys Kiah,
& Hidden Hills Aurora

( Outside mares)  
CTR Apaches Polaris, has foaled a loud black leopard filly!
Wapa Blu Skylar, Has foaled a fancy black fewspot leopard filly!
Snowy Kamiyah, has foaled a loud black leopard filly!

CTR Earth Wind N Fire

Candy Coated Angel, Has a fewspot leopard colt!
  Wyoming Wind, has a fewspot leopard filly!

CTR Turn And Burn

          Mista Rainbow Morn, Has dropped a beautiful Leopard colt!

Tobys Mystic Image, has dropped a loud leopard colt!

High Sign Penny, has a loud black leopard colt!

Apaches Two Feathers   X   Dudes Mert, has a gorgeous Leopard filly!






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