CT Ranch Horse Sales
The horses that are listed for sale on this page are horses we will stand behind 100%. 
They are hardy, intelligent, gentle, and  proven producers of
colorful, beautifully conformed foals.

CTR Aksarben
ApHC F4-Eligible
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

       Husker, 2013 Gelding  100% FPD   More Photos              
Sired by CTR Smokin Hot Eagle and out of CTR Ochoco Dahli   Husker  is correct, quiet, and going to be a very big bodied, tall horse.   Husker has recently been gelding and has started his saddle training.  Husker is going to make a good riding working horse, and when a horse goes through the ropes with Lloyd Juel.  You are going to have a very well trained partner.

Available for purchse through is owner Cheri Schwindt. 
I'd be happy to give you contact information.

His bloodlines include:

2x's Pratt Toby Secret, 2x's Cedar Ridge Spot, MT Whirlachic, Money Creek Rockledge,
Flying Sargeant, Navajo Whirlaway

Eclats Coco Confetti
ApHC # N 640194
FAHR Eligible

     "Coco",  2004 Foundation Mare
Coco is a solid bay daughter of 16.3 hand dressage stallion, Chocolate Confetti and Frank Scripter bred, Eclats Surprise.  It is Chocolate Confetti, who ultimately created and sealed acceptance in the dressage world for the foundation Appaloosa  by consistently placing against the Warmbloods.
CT Ranch is very pleased to be adding Coco to our program, and we are grateful to Carolyn Shearer, for that opportunity.

Coco is a embryo transfer mare only.  If interested in Coco, please ask us about her.  She will be placed without cost except for the haul to her new home.
Her bloodlines include:

Chocolate Confetti, Solar Flair Eclat

Shavanos K
ApHC # 608578
ICAA Eligible

      'Kip'  2000, 100% Foundation bred mare
          Pedigree                More Photos
Kip is a daughter of Shavano Brent Lea X Oaks Moska.  Making her a grand daughter of Shavano! She is a very correct big bodied mare, who has been a very consistent producer of athletic foals.  Heavily foundation bred Kip carries some 10 'F' prefixed ApHC registered Appaloosas in her first four generations.  Within her first five generations you will find 7 ApHC Hall Of Fame horses, and they too are foundation bred!
Kip has been sold!  She will be joining her 2015 filly in Michigan.

Her Bloodlines include:

5x's Knobby, 4x's Patchy, 3 x's Pride Of California,
Booger Chief, Sundance 500

CTR Super Charged
ApHC # 678579
FAHR/ICAA Eligible

                       'Bear', 2014 5 generation colt        
This pretty colt has athletic potential written all over his pedigree. A son of CTR Supoer Sonic , (Ranked 3rd in stallions at the ApHC World Show)
,A grandson of RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain, and great grand son of GAS Sundance Image, this son of CTR Super Sonic X Tobys Mystic Image, has some pretty big hoof prints to fill.  Homozygous for Appaloosa color and or characteristics is an added plus!  This colt is super sweet, super smart, is broke to lead and load.
Sold!  Congratulations to  Elkhorn Ranch, Meridian Idaho

His bloodlines include:

Ghostwinds Echo, Sequined Prince, Solar Flair Eclat,
Kaniksus Spots, Kaniksus Comanche,

CTR Up In Smoke
ApHC 679299 FAHR/ICAA Eligible

          'Joe',  2013 Stallion                More Photos
CTR Smokin Hot Eagle X KK Peanut Te, have a 2013 stud colt!    Jet black, long legs, deep girth, lovely neck, beautiful head and face all dressed up with brilliant white star.  this guy is awful fancy! .  K-Te, a 1992 mare and dam to this colt, has always been such a consistent producer of quality foals we chose to bring her out of easy living retirement in order to make this cross.  We are very pleased with the resulting foal and it is icing on the cake to see her enjoying motherhood once again.
Sold!  Congratulations to James Mundorff of Pennsylvania on the purchase of Joe.

His bloodlines include:

2x's Patchy Yamini,  2x's The Leopard King, 2x's Wapiti,
5x's Papoose


CTR Bittersweet Blizzard
ApHC # 657842
FAHR Eligible

   Blizzard,   2008 F5, Foundation Mare

            Pedigree                More Photos
A homozygous black fewspot leopard daughter of My Silver Eagle X LC Calico Cloud,  Blizzard made her grand appearance two weeks early during an actual South Dakota blizzard!  With zero time for planning she was foaled on my coat, wiped off with my coveralls, then immediately hoisted by pure adrenaline into the shotgun position in my pickup with me leading her dam Calico,  via the drivers window, down through the pasture and to the barn.  Needless to say Blizzard is one tough cookie, pretty much unflappable,  and she continues to steal the hearts of the CT Ranch family!
Blizzard has been genetically tested through UC Davis and is EE/
FOR Sale  $5000.00  open.  SOLD!!

Her bloodlines include:

My Silver Eagle,
5x's Simcoes Sarcee, 4x's Toby I & II,
Toby IV, Pratts Toby, Chief Chelsea,
 Kaniksus Spots, Kemos Fire Shadow, Box M's Red Pepper,

Tobys Black Rose
ApHC # N 592953
FAHR # 339

   'Rose' 1998 Foundation Mare
Rose is a non characteristic jet black mare standing 14.2 hands.  Rose's dam, Tobys Piasa Trixie is a true sister to Tobpatchy Snookum through their dam Tobpatchy Double!  In essence this means mare power, wrapped up in a sweet, easy to handle and heavily foundation bred package.  Rose breeds easy, foals easy and is a easy keeping mare to boot!

Rose has been 5 panel tested through Animal Genetics and is clean across the board.
For Sale in foal to Apaches Two Feathers for a 2016 foal,  Rose has been broke to ride.
Sold.  Congrats to Susan!

Her bloodlines include:

2x's Toby II's Patchy,  Dartagnon,  Blue Bear,
Bear Step, Kaniksus Chain Lightening,
Ulrich Monarch

Apaches Two Feathers
ApHC # 624144
FAHR Eligible

           Two Feathers, 2003 Foundation Stallion
Two Feathers is a black fewspot leopard standing 15 hands.  he is a son of Apache Desert dancer and a grandson of Solar Flair Eclat.  The 2012 breeding season CT Ranch embarked on building a first ever production record for this stud.  What we learned in the following foaling season is that Two Feathers consistantly put excellent bone, beautiful heads, and exemplary temperment on his foals. 
Two Feathers has been coat color tested.  He is been tested through Animal Genetics and is negative accross the board on the five panel test, and EE/aa and negative for gray.
SOLD.  Congratulations Susan!

His bloodlines include:

Coyotes Apache, Apache Polar Star,
Apache Kid Galahad, Solar Flair Eclat, Chubs Birdsong, Ima Sunray Too
Apaches Cocoa Cup

Eagles Toby Sundance
ApHC 561877
FAHR # 757

      'Sundance" 1997 Stallion, 100% FPD 
                Pedigree               More Photos
This Foundation bred stallion ( Carrying 24 'F' registered horses in his first 5 generations) is sired by Kaniksus Kattracks, a paternal half brother to our reference stallion My Silver Eagle.  CT Ranch had been intrigued with the possibility of adding Sundance to the stallion battery here in South Dakota for along while. 

Sundance had not been used extensively as a breeding stallion but rather was utilized as a working, riding stud.  That positive work ethic coupled with the education he has gained at CT Ranch by learning the dynamics of a herd and more importantly boss mares, has allowed Sundance to evolve into a well rounded, confident, gentlemanly dual purpose stallion.  So much so that we now have teenage grand daughters building their own confidence in handling a mature breeding stud.   Sundance has been a fabulous investment.

Thank you to Verna Roberts for having that true 'breeders eye'.
Note: Sundance is a black based leopard carrying one copy each of 'at' and cream.

His bloodlines Include:

13x's Knobby,
9x's Red Eagle, 6x's Patchy
Titania, Lady K, Nightflower, Fourmile Princess

CTR Jokers Reign
ApHC Eligible
IPAA F4-Foundation Eligible

   "Joker" 2011, Gelding   
          Pedigree                More Photos
Joker is straight, correct, alert, leggy, and a very big gelding!  This guy is ready to be started under saddle and take on a working job.  We can easily see him doing competitive trail or ranch work.  He is big boned, big bodied,  and NO dud!  He is full of ability and 'want to'!
foaled on April 1st. makes "joker" the perfect name for him, but lets be clear.  This guy is no joke, he is the real deal!
SOLD!  Congratulations to Pilo Castillo
His bloodline include:

2x's Solar Flair Eclat, 2x's Chief Joseph Rex,  Shavano.
2x's The Leopard King,
4x's Patchy,
3x's Joker B

 Rock N Sassy Belle
ApHC # N 661614
FAHR Eligible

      'Sassy'  2009, foundation mare 
Sassy is a non characteristic daughter of Ochoco Cricket X Absolut Saskia.  Sassy stands 14.2 hands, and possesses a drive and athletic ability that rivals her Distance Medallion producing grandsire Fourmiles Stormy.  Sassy is a true sister of WR Chocolate Trixie, a mare we once owned who produced the Atta son, CTR Chocolate Reign.  Her first foal for us was a gorgeous leopard stud colt who was purchased by Chexy Farms in the Czech Republic!  Sassy is a easy breeder, a non issue mare as far as foaling, nursing or messing with her new foal.   This is a steal of a deal.

Sassy has been sold.  Congratulations to James Mundorff of Pennsylvania!

Her Bloodlines include:

Ulrich Cheyenne,
Chief of Fourmile, Storm Clouds Speck, 2x's Ben Buzz
GWF Sully Sunrise
ApHC # 608476 FAHR Eligible

              'Sunrise", 2000 Mare
Ulrich Sioux Kay who we lost at 30 years young, was definitely on our mind when we contemplated bringing Sunrise to CT Ranch.  Sired by Ulrich Sioux Kay's black leopard son Ulrich Siouxchief and out of a DJS Tresor daughter made Sunrise an even bigger temptation!  Sunrise is sweet, easy to work with, and we can clearly see by her temperament this mare has 'Ulrich' coursing through her veins!
Sold to  Hawkeye Ranch Appaloosas in Iowa! 

Her bloodlines Include:

4x's Chief Navajo, 4x's Bambie E, 4x's Utah,
2x's Navajos Candy, 2x's Chubs Powderface, 2x's Sullys Lancer
Shadow Bay SSF

LVR Silver Dice
ICAA F4-2470
ApHC Eligible

     'Silver', 2005 F-5 Foundation Mare
We are so pleased to be able to add this 'Smokey Black' My Silver Eagle daughter to the brood band!  Silver is a big bodied mare standing 15.1 hands.  This girl is a daughter of Apachy Dice who we have had the pleasure of knowing for many years.  A super cow horse, with English movement...yep her daughter is just like her!
Silver breeds and foals without issues, She produces foals with brains, bone and a lot of size. 
Sold, Congratulations to Mount Hope Stables!

Her bloodlines Include:

My Silver Eagle, Kaniksus Spots,
Cherokee Red Rex, Bryants Apache Lad, Snow Cloud,
The Toby Stallions

CTR Sweet Reckoning
ApHC F-5 672211
IPAA F-6 Purebred

                  'Bliss', 2012 Purebred Filly 
The entire CT Ranch family, is head over heels in love with this filly!  As far as pattern and personality, Bliss is the spittin image of her dam CTR Bittersweet Blizzard as a foal.   Being sired by Ti Kha Atta Rain has given her added height, bone and spunk!  Homozygous black, and homozygous for Appaloosa color and or characteristics, excellent form to function and 6 generations of strictly Appaloosa breeding.  This girl's got it going on!
Sold!  Congratulations to Andy in Mexico.

Her Bloodlines Include:

My Silver Eagle, Kemos Fire Shadow, Kaniksus Spots,
Solar Flair Eclat,

WR Honey Bun
ApHC # N 601304
ICAA # F3-NB2233

    "Honey",  2001 mare 
             Pedigree            More Photos
Bred by Marvin and Karen Smyser who owned and operated. Wind River Appaloosas, we at CT Ranch drove out to Wyoming to pick up Honey as a weanling!  A daughter of WAR Cimmaron and grand daughter of Pratt Toby Secret.  Honey, a non characteristic solid bay, standing 15.3 hands, is a performance bred athlete, an easy keeper, and a wonderful mother producing sport type foals with size, bone, and exceptional movement!
AHF Regal Sensation, a son of RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain X WR Honey Bun bred by CT Ranch is the standing stallion at Appaloosa Hillside Farm!  The foal Honey is currently carrying is by another stallion bred by CT Ranch.  AHF Hearts Desire.
SOLD!  Congrats  to Pine Legacy Appaloosas

Her bloodlines include:

4x's Patchy F-416,  3x's Red Eagle F-209, Chocolate Sunday F-485,
Flying Sargeant F-2098, Booger Chief 3277,
The Toby Stallions

HMH Sugar Frosted
ApHC # 520789 IPAA Foundation Eligible

   "Sugar" 1993 Mare,  Foundation Bred
This 15.2 hand Chestnut leopard mare is a daughter of Romeos Top Gun and a grand daughter of ApHC Hall of Fame stallion Little Navajo Joe.  Sugar, as a proven breeding mare, is known for producing foals with fantastic movement, nice sport horse size and quiet, trainable temperaments.  Sugar is a real loving mare, gentle as the day is long, and a pleasure to work with! 
Sugar has been sold in foal to Apaches Two Feathers.  She is now with the Greenwood Ranch.  Home of the Ghostwind Appaloosas in Canada.

Her bloodlines include:

Patchy, Painter III, Chief Navajo,
Chief Chelsea, Chief Powder, Indian Paint Brush,
Little Navajo Joe


Tobpatchy Snookum
ApHC # 523569
IPAA F-4 Foundation Eligible

   "Snook",  1993 mare,100% Foundation bred
           Pedigree                  More Photos
This 15.2 hand black roan daughter of Pratts Toby, and grand daughter of both Toby IV and Patchy Timberline,  (paternal half brother to Tobys Nootka) is an incredible example of upclose old line Appaloosa breeding, conformation and ability.  This line bred Toby mare is an experienced team penner and sorter.  Snook  will track a cow, and has a  lightening fast reaction to direction change and speed.  From working in the back country, arena, or walking down a trail with a child rider, this mare knows her job!
Sold to Slovakia!  Congratualtions Iva!

View her dam , and sire,
Tobpatchy Double, Pratts Toby
Her bloodlines include:

4x's Toby I F-203, 4x's Toby II F-113, 2x's Toby III F-248,
2x's Patchy F-416, Bear Step F-3068,
Speckled Blue F-1676

LVR Apachy Image
ICAA # F4-2535 IPAA Purebred Eligible

      'Image' 2005 Purebred Mare
          Pedigree             More Photos
This 16 hand black blanketed mare is a wonderful addition to the CT Ranch mare band.  Bred by Lake View Ranch Appaloosas this mare is a culmination of 40 years of their breeding program and it shows!  Double bred 17 hand stallion LVR Black Apache K, fondly known as 'The Big Black' and sired by LVR Sharp Dressed Man, this mare is loaded with tremendous size, big bold movement and Fine foundation breeding!
Sold to Slovakia.  Congratulations Iva!

Her Bloodlines Include:

4x's Mansfield Comanche, Double Six Domino,  Buttons B,
6x's Chief Handprint, 4x's Chief Malhuer,
Snow Cloud, 6x's Patchy

  CTR Brave Moons Echo
ApHC #
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

         Brave,   2008 Sport Horse Stallion           
Sired by  Ti Kha Atta Rain and out of the good mare KK Peanut Te.  Brave is now owned by and standing at Pine Legacy Appaloosas in Quebec, Canada.  Photo and training credits to Weston Hill.

SOLD!  Congratulations Carly at Pine Legacy Appaloosas in Canada!

His bloodlines include:

4x's Chief Malheur
2x's Chubs Powderface, 2x's Brave Moon,
Simcoes Sarcee, Wapiti,
Model Te

Ulrich's Diamante
ApHC # 443650
IPAA F3 Foundation Pending

  " Diamante", 1986 Mare, 100% Foundation 
              Pedigree              More Photos
Diamante is a black leopard double bred daughter of , ApHC World Champion, Reserve National Champion, Versatility Champion, and the Silver Medallion Winning stallion, Ulrich many Coups.  She is also a  grand daughter of the ApHC Champion Stallion, Simcoes Sarcee. Diamante is a pristine example of the power of concentrating and preserving a family line and in this case,  the lineage of the Red Eagle/Simcoes Sarcee family line! 
Diamante is a graceful mover, an easy keeper, and an  excellent riding mare.  She is calm, cool and collected about everything. 

View her sire sire and dam
Ulrich Many Coups & Ulrich Brownsugar
Diamante is at Appy Trails Ranch meeting Apache!
Her bloodlines include:

2x's Red Eagle F-209,
2x's Simcoes Sarcee F- 1634, 2x's Bambie E F- 2497,
Sundance F-500, Sullys Baby Grand 16062
Painter III F-8

Ima Misty Moonshine
ApHC # 524070
IPAA Foundation Eligible

                  "Misty" 1993 mare
Misty has quite  an impressive lineage behind her.  A daughter of proven performance stallion, Images Moonshine, and grand daughter of proven performance stallion, GA's Sundance Image gives Misty some 18 National Performance Appaloosas in her upclose pedigree.
This 15.1 hand mare, is big bodied, big boned, and has a heart to match.  If you have ever wanted one of those "BIG" mares to literally lay her head in your arms spilling her affection for you over and over....this girl is it! 
View GAS Sundance Image flyer Moonshine

Her Bloodlines include:

6x's Knobby,
6x's Patchy F-416, 3x's Patchy Yamini F-1907, 2x's Patchy Jr. F-1380,
2x's Joker B F-678, Bambie E F-2497, Woodrow Sheik F-502,
Coinage T-235212