CT Ranch Horses Raised and Sold!

              CTR Firewater Reign                                               CTR Smokin Hot Eagle                                       CTR Earth Wind N Fire

             CTR Eagles Gunslinger                                        CTR Eagles Back In Black                                      CTR Strike A Silver Coin

          CTR Classically Jazzed                                                      CTR Eagles Opulence                                                 CTR Eagles Super Sonic

             CTR Shavana Reign                                                    CTR Sunrise Powderface                                            CTR Eagles Candalera

               CTR Authenticated                                                 CTR Eagles Gold Rush                                                  CTR Screamin Eagle

          CTR Indigenous Eli                               CTR Eagles Indigenous Miss                               CTR Standing Ovation
     Tumbles Dude 1999 Stallion                             CTR Crimson Eagle,  "Rosie"                             CTR My Silver T-Bird

           CTR Cougars Equal Te                              CTR Quicksilver Te                                   CTR Eagles Rainmaker

           CTR Eagles Rising Sun                                CTR Kaniksus Snoqualmie                               CTR Teton Rockledge


             CTR Bright April                                         CTR Chance The Storm                            CTR Eagles Night Sky

                 CTR Echos Milky Way                                  CTR Echos Sunprite                                        CTR Jaguars Equal


                     CTR Sheer Joy                                      CTR Kaniksus Rose                              CTR Candalero Eclat

                   A Little Mo Go                                     CTR Reigning TNT                                    CTR Two Eagles

             CTR Chocolate Reign                                  CTR Tuffs Avalanche                                CTR Sweetwater Reign


              CTR Eagles Cherokota                                CTR Ima Lucky Sign                                  CTR Celestial Selah

         CTR Pick Your Poison                                CTR Eagles Decadence                            CTR Silver Sophisticate

         CTR Red Cloud Papillon                             CTR bitterroot Whiteout                           CTR Domino Effect
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