CT Ranch Appaloosas

All through the pages of our web site you will see that we are extremely proud of our Appaloosas. 
In this day and age it is a rarity to find an Appaloosa that has the majority of it's blood coming from it's true breed, but that is exactly what you will find at CT Ranch. We believe in breed integrity and because of this we value the Appaloosa blood in a pedigree, and we strive, no we insist on making those genetics the first and foremost part of our program, because it is these unique genetics that make the Appaloosa great! 

We call ourselves Foundation Breeders, but we are more than that.  We are Appaloosa preservationists as well.  The Foundation or old-line Appaloosa has what today's more modern bred and typically crossbred general registry Appaloosas simply do not have.  Longevity, stamina, agility, hardiness, and a form to function that ensures versatility.  With increased specialization in a number of today's breeding programs, horses are being produced that are good for one discipline and one discipline only.  It was not so many years ago that a "Halter" champion was expected to do it all and could!  That title was held by a horse who could cut cattle, win at games, was fast on the track, could navigate the toughest mountain trail, yet could be ridden by a novice.  When ALL of these classes were mastered and won he entered the Halter class, where conformation, movement and color, were the deciding factors for that class winner, and the title of Grand Champion. 

The CT Ranch breeding stock carry incredibly upclose lines to these very Founding horses of the Appaloosa Horse Club who won the titles of National and World Champion and did do it all.  Those Champion horses produced exemplary progeny and you can see the quality in the foals being produced of those bloodlines now.  We are seeing horses/foals of excellent bone, incredible feet, and agility to burn.  We have horses that are truly multi talented, in that we are producing horses with superior natural cattle sense, we are seeing the size and bone mass along with movement needed for the sport horse disciplines, and the heart, drive and staying power for distance and endurance competition.  The temperaments, trainability, and retention of their training is unsurpassed, as is the intelligence, beauty, and kindness.  Bottom line, there is no other breed needed for this kind of versatility.  The Foundation Appaloosa has it all! 

Feed your soul,
Experience the Foundation Appaloosa!

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