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CT Ranch is a family owned and operated  80 acre spread surrounded by thousands of acres of public preserve located in the Glacial Lakes region of northeast South Dakota.  From the black hills, to the rolling grass prairies, even the old wagon trail that runs through our land, this state is rich in history.
Not unlike the Appaloosas we raise here, once the treasured mount of the Palouse tribes in the Pacific Northwest, the Appaloosa was buffalo runner, war horse, and trusted mount. As we know because of what history provides, the Nez Perce tribes lead by Chief Joseph, evaded U.S. Cavalry troops through some of the roughest country in this nation, on the backs of Appaloosas. No small feat in itself.  When you contemplate they accomplished this while moving an entire community of people and several thousand head of livestock. You begin to realize the magnitude of this accomplishment, and the capabilities of this breed.  These were the glory days of the Appaloosa, in which they were truly "unequaled".

In our time, due to years off crossbreeding, the true Appaloosa has nearly been wiped out. Our outlook as Appaloosa breeders, is that we are both "foundation"breeders, and  Appaloosa "preservationists".  We believe in breeding Appaloosa to Appaloosa, with the intent on bringing this breed back to the status of a true breed, and a pure breed. By careful selective breeding of the highest quality individuals, not only in conformation typical to the foundation Appaloosa, but also in mind, typical to the foundation Appaloosa, we can come full circle and bring this breed back to the ranks of "unequaled".



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