CT Ranch Broodmares 
We are really proud of our brood band. 
  Selected for their natural athleticism, dispositions, hardiness, and mothering abilities,
 we feel these are some of the nicest mares around.

ALL Mares are sold!

CTR Atta October Sky
ApHC # 680214
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

                               "Hotrod",  2010 filly
              Pedigree                 More Photos
This bay leopard daughter of RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain x Makis Fire In The Sky is simply fantastic!  Sweet and loving yes, but with one look in her eyes you can clearly see this girl is SMART!  She  takes everything in and thinks everything through!  As a weanling she preferred to buck, play and race at top speeds rather than to stand still for boring scratches!  The ability she has to jump straight up in the air and spin before she hits the ground is amazing to watch.  We originally gave her the barn name of Skylar, but it did not take long to realize that "Hotrod" fit her much better.  We think she will prove to be an incredible asset to Appaloosa gene pool. Hotrod should mature to the 15.2 to 15.3 hand range.

Hotrod has been genetically tested through UC Davis and is EE/Aa/LP/lp/PATN1/patn1  She is also negative on the 5 panel test.
Sold!  Congratulations to ODR Appaloosas and Pine Legacy Appaloosas of Quebec Canada

Her bloodlines include:

4x's Money Creek's Leopard Angel,  4x's Maize,  4x's Red Eagle, 
2x's Storm Cloud F,
3x's Apache, 2x's Apache II

High Sign Penny
ApHC # 645103
ICAA Elgible

        'Penny',  2006, mare
Penny has come to us from the Schermerhorn's in North Dakota who bought CTR Fire Water Reign from us back in 2011.  Penny is a daughter of Smart Little Sign, who coincedentally was the sire to Kip's ( Shavanos K )  foal in 2007.  That foal CTR Ima Lucky Sign, is successfully competeing in Extreme Cowboy events like his sire.  Having said that, the thought of bringing Penny here to CT Ranch was a intriguing one we had to move on and did.  Penny is very well broke to ride , a kind mare and very nice to handle.  
Sold.....Congratulations Jennifer!

Her Bloodlines Include:

High Sign, High Sign Nugget, Ima Little Prescript
Mr. Spotted Bull,
Bold Ruler

Hidden Hills Aurora
ApHC# 638887
ICAA Eligible

                      Aurora, 2005 Foundation Mare, 100% FPD
This 15.2 hand black leopard daughter of Echos Harliquin Moon X RDF Wind Wood Ha Tiya is a paternal grand daughter of Ulrich Papillon, and a maternal grand daughter of Ghost Winds Echo.  Aurora is well broke to ride, and a dream to handle.  We are very pleased to be able to add her to our CT Ranch mare band.

Her Bloodlines Include:

4x's Money Creeks Leopard Angel,
Ghost Winds Echo, Ulrich Papillon, 2x's Solar Snow Coyote,
Dakota Black Cloud

CTR Stillwind Reign
ApHC #676967 FAHR/ICAA Eligible

       "Stillwind", 2009 F-5 Foundation Mare
                 Pedigree            More Photos
Stillwind, a CT Ranch home bred daughter of RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain X Oaks Stillwind, is a 16. hand, five generation heavily foundation bred, homozygous  mare!  This girl has substance, excellent reach, big lofty movement, proud carriage, and the "stamp" of her sire!  We are very pleased with Stillwind and feel she has great potential in the sport horse venues. 
Stillwind has been 5 panel tested through Animal Genetics and is negative across the board.
Sold!  Congratulations to Pine Legacy Appaloosas and ODR Appaloosas of Quebec Canada

Her bloodlines include:

5x's Patchy, 4x's Patchy Jr.
6x's Red Eagle
4x's Money Creeks Leopard Angel, 4x's Chubs Powderface,
3x's Arab Toswirah Alkhar,  Toby II's Patchy,

CTR Ochocho Dahli
ApHC # 675405 ICAA F3-Eligible

                 Dahli,     2007 Foundation Mare,
                 Pedigree               More photos
Dahli is a grand daughter of two of CT Ranch's original 'seed stock' horses,  MT Whirlachic X My Silver Eagle.  One of the first foals we retained for the CT Ranch breeding program, Dahli is an intelligent athlete.  Sure of herself from the minute she hit the ground, this mare is the epitome of what we want and feel should be perpetuated in the Appaloosa gene pool.  She is a thinker, not a reactor.  One of those mares you don't have to worry about, because you know she is calm, cool and collected about everything.  Now lets not mistake that for a horse with no motivation.  Dahli has endless 'giddy up',   and the mind set that no one is second to her, and regardless of the challenge, she is going to win it!
Sold!  Congratulations to ODR Appaloosas and Pine Legacy Appaloosas

  Her bloodlines include:

My Silver Eagle,
Ulrich Cheyenne, Ulrich Sioux Kay, Ulrich Rakush,
Money Creeks Rockledge, Navajo Whirlaway, Cooterville Crawfish,
Pratt Toby Secret

Ebony Mirage Spot
ApHC # N590137
ICAA F2-1828

     "Ebbie",  1997 mare  100% 'F'  blood
             Pedigree                More Photos
Ebbie is a 15.3 hand great grand daughter of the ApHC Champion Stallion, Simcoe's Sarcee, a grand daughter of Sun Powder Spirit, as well as the 17 hand black leopard stallion, Solar Flair Eclat.  Does it get much better?  
Ebbie is a powerful mare with natural bold movement, perfection in balance, and production power that is a thrill!  She is an excellent mother, an easy keeper, and one of my favorites!

View her sire & great grand sires,
Cedar Ridge Spot, Simcoe's Sarcee, Solar Flair Eclat.
Sold!  Congratulations to ODR Appaloosas and Pine Legacy Appaloosas in Quebec Canada

Her bloodlines include:

6x's Red Eagle F-209, 4x's Patchy F-416,2x's Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634, Sundance F-500,
Chief Joseph Rex F-688, Patchy Yamini F-1907,
   2x's Golden Glow F-470   

CTR Stormclouds Fire
ApHC # 661771
FAHR Eligible

            'Cinnabar' , 2008 Foundation Mare
            Pedigree               More Photos
A daughter of Tuts Yawka X Makis Fire IN The Sky, makes Cinnabar a grand daughter of Polkadott Bear and great grand daughter to Polkadott Toby!  For years we had wanted to bring the flavor of Tuts Yawks into the CT Ranch gene pool.  Kelly Lockard the last owner of Tuts allowed us to do just that by breeding Sky to him.  Cinnabar hit the ground shortly after he had passed away.  We feel very fortunate to have her here.  Cinnabar was born a brilliant chestnut with a lacy white blanket and has roaned to the pattern she is now.  She has been genetically tested through UC and is
Sold!  Congrats to Pine Legacy Appaloosas and ODR Appaloosas of Quebec Canada

Her bloodlines include:

7x's Knobby, 4x's Maize, 3x's Apache,
Simcoes Pataha, Blue Bear, Bear Step, Sutters Sass

Ima Tobys Kiah
ApHC # 645551
FAHR/ICAA Eligible

           'Kiah',  2006 Foundation Mare
               Pedigree                 More Photos
Kiah is another of our mares sired by Tuts Yawka.  Kiah is a 15.3 hand big bodied mare with lovely balanced conformation.  There is a distinctive phenotypical presence about her seconded only by her beautiful mind.  Kiah is very respectful of her handler, mingles uneventfully within the herd, and has the same quiet nature we see in her half sister Cinnabar.
CT Ranch once owned her dam, Ima MIsty Moon Shine.  A exemplary mare in her own right who also produced
the loud leopard colt, CTR Strike A Silver Coin, sired by My Silver Eagle.  There is a consistency in the mare lines here that are a true asset to the Appaloosa gene pool. 
Sold!  Congrats to Lloyd and Michelle

Her Bloodlines include:

Coinage, GAS Sundance Image,
Blue Bear, Polkadott Toby, Bear Step

Candy Coated Angel
ApHC #
FAHR Eligible

          Candy,  2010  Foundation Mare
Candy is a daughter of Diamantes Tecalote X High Sierra Angel,.  This mare is a rare combination of bloodlines that we are extremely excited about.  The culmination of breeders that are ultimately responsible for her is long and impressive.  Money Creek Ranch, Timber Line Stock Ranch, Don and Mary Ulrich, Wolf Oak Appaloosas, Carolyn DuVall, and the list goes on.
Candy has been genetically tested through UC Davis and is Ee/Aa/LP/LP/PATN1/patn1. 
Sold!  Congrats to Will Ranch

Her Bloodlines Include:

3x's Navajos Candy, WOA Sarcees Candy, 2x's Artesian Arrow,
Money Creek Rockledge, Rock Songs Miss Vicki,
Candy Coated West, Ulrich Diamante

Kitsdude Mert Wind
ApHC # 600631
FAHR # 371

    'Wendy'  2001 Mare
                  Pedigree                More Photos
Wendy a daughter of Deacons Dude is a double bred grand daughter of Deacons Bonanza.  Deacons Dude a black fewspot leopard was bred by Dick Foster and immortalized by Stone Horse in a limited addition model commissioned by International Colored Appaloosa Association to commemorate him as a leading production achievement stallion for the registry.
The 'Foster' horses were and are known for their intelligence, stamina and work ethic.  Evolving from ApHC Hall of Fame horses, World and National Champions these horses are bred for serious performance.
Sold.....Congrats to Lloyd and Michelle

Her Bloodlines include:

4x's Cooterville Crawfish, 4x's Cooterville Norells Little Red,  Cooterville Mackeys Pride, 
CharEds Tuff Tony, Cocoa Banner, Missoula Medicine Man
2x's Chief Malhuer

          Mista Rainbow Morn
ApHC # 653113
FAHR Eligible

                           'Mora',  2007 Foundation Mare
Mora is a black based fewspot daughter of Chinootka Bay X JBC Indian Maiden.  This mare carries 10 actual 'F' prefixed horses in her first 4 generations.  While many breeders have joined the race to acquire numbers/generations behind their breeding stock, our focus still remains with upclose breeding of the founding stock of the ApHC and the set 'old line type' these horses provide.  this mare is a gold mine in that regard.

Her Bloodlines include:

Tobys Nootka,
Money Creek Rockledge, Toby II's Patchy, Babe Warrior,
Rainbow Two, Zebra Dun

Dudes Mert
ApHC # 592120
ICAA/FAHR Eligible

         " Mert "  1996 mare 
          Pedigree                 More Photos
Standing at 15 hands, this chocolate roan (seal brown) blanketed mare is a Deacons Dude daughter, as well as a grand daughter of Chared's Tuff Tony!  This mare produces astounding foals, backed with generations of ApHC hall of Fame, World/National Champions , and real working horses, it is no wonder.  Mert is a very easy keeper, she 'thinks' about meeting up with a stud and she is in foal!  Mert foals without issues on pasture or in a stall, but prefers the great outdoors.
Sold.....Congrats to Lloyd and Michelle
 Her bloodlines include:

4x's Mansfield Comanche F-3096,
2x's Cooterville Crawfish11141, Granite CanyonF-2049, Missoula Medicine Man F-2824,
Rainy Moon F-181

Wyoming Wind
ApHC # 668115
ICAA Eligible

              'Wyoming'  2008 Mare                 
Wyoming Wind, has quite a story behind her. 
A grand daughter of Deacons Tough Jungle X My Silver Eagle, Her dam CTR Silver Snowstorm, was the first Appaloosa foal born at CT Ranch after we made our move from Nebraska to South Dakota.   Snowstorm was purchased by Wind River Appalooosas, as a weanling, and as a maiden mare bred to their stallion.  She was then subsequently sold in foal to Lynn Huckaby.   Lynn tells us this mare was named after the song 'Wyoming Wind' which is dear to her heart.
All in all we are thankful we found her and are quite pleased to bring this lovely black fewspot leopard home to where her roots began.  Standing nearly identical in height to her grand sire My Silver Eagle, she is very nicely balanced, quite focused on her handler, and every bit as gentle as he was!
Sold, Wyoming and her 2017 filly Jane, will be joining CTR Super Sonic in PA!

Her Bloodlines Include:

4x's Chief Of Fourmile,
My Silver Eagle, Deacons Tough Jungle.
CharEd's Tuff Tony,  Kaniksus Spots,
Granite Canyon, Chief Malhuer
3x's Knobby

Tobys Mystic Image
ApHC # 603586
FAHR# 497

      'Mia' 2001 Foundation Mare
Mia is a short coupled, compact daughter of Miamis Leopard Bear X Tobys Maize.  Mia's pedigree boasts some 25 'F' prefixed ApHC registered Appaloosas in her first 5 generations, and is a culmination of some exceptional Toby/Patchy breeding.  Nicely broke to ride Mia has Completed the 250 mile Michigan 'Shore to Shore' Ride under the direction of former owner Mike Beckman.  This mare is sweet, trusting, and a fine example of what foundation breeding has to offer!  We brought Mia home to CT Ranch because her last owner was unable to keep her due to her loss of vision. 
We've paired with her with Deacons Tuf Jungle who serves as her partner and her eyes.   It is amazing that as one sense fades the other senses are heightened.  When I move these mares from one pasture to another , Mia feels the lay of the land and knows right where she is.  Incredible.
Her Bloodlines Include:

GAS Sundance Image,
2x's Rapid Lightening, 2x's Titania, 2x's Randalls Silver
2x's Blue Bear

Deacon's Tuf Jungle
ApHC # 576988
ICAA # F2-1632
             "Autumn",  1989 Foundation Mare.
       Pedigree          Autumns Foals
Autumn,  is a 15.2 hand blanketed blue roan, with spots all over.  She is a super mother and produces foals with athletic ability to burn.  Autumn's sire, Chareds Tuff Tony was an A+ cow horse as well as an Indian Shuffler.  Autumn is producing foals true to her bloodlines.  Her colts have size, good bone, and plenty of natural ability. In addition to these attributes, Autumn has only thrown black based foals.

View her sire, grand Sire, & great great grand Sire,
Chared's Tuff Tony, Deacon's Bonanza, & Joker B.

Her Bloodlines include:

Joker B F-678,
W-Ms Copper Dollar F-3187, Cocoa Banner, F-4606,
  Missoula Medicine Man F-2824, 2x's Cooterville Crawfish 11141, ATWO F-1542,
2x Chief Malheur F-1274, Kentucky Girl F-3, Appalo F-81,
Nighthawk F-1298, Lady Lou F-128
Easter Egg F-381.

Over the rainbow  bridge in sweet green pastures!

Makis Fire In The Sky ApHC # 549685 ICAA/FAHR Eligible

                      "Sky",  Gaited 1996 Mare
             Pedigree             More Photos
Sky is a nice sized, sturdy black leopard mare, who can take care of herself and prefers it that way. This beautifully foundation bred great grand daughter of Storm Cloud F, captures that perfectly muscled old line look, moves like the wind, and when she hits the skids, no one is sliding off of her withers!    She is kind, smart, and after being gone from CT Ranch for a while we are happy to have her back and we think she is happy to be home.  Sky has been such a consistent producer of quality foals we have retained two of her daughters!

Her bloodlines include:

3x's Apache F-730,
Simcoes Sarcee F-1634, Red Eagle F-209,
Spatterwork E-1529, Easteregg F-381, Missoula White Arrow # 22770,
Box M's Red Pepper, The Fruhling Stallions

KK Peanut Te
ApHC # 519287
CRHA # 4575-0

                  "K-Te",      1992 mare,      

            Pedigree                      Photos
 K-Te is a 15.1 hand, black blanketed roan, and a daughter of CRHA National Reserve hi-point performance stallion, & Multiple National Champion halter/performance stallion, KK Deuces R Wild.  K-Te is also a grand daughter of the famous  ApHC bronze medallion winner & world champion at halter, Model Te ( Te N Te X Melody of Love).  Her foals are impeccably correct, very inquisitive, and show just a bit of that  modern bred flavor.  This mare is an easy keeper, can handle any kind of climate, and is an exceptional riding horse and mother.  She is as gentle as the day is long, and truly a great mare!

View her sire, grand sire, & great grand sire:
KK Deuces R Wild, Wapiti, Quadroon, & Top Hat H

Her bloodlines include:

Joker B F-687,Wapiti 5445, Top Hat H 4164,
Quadroon 148818,
  2x's Sundance F-500, 2x's Patchy F-416, Patchy Yamini F-1907,
2x's Mc's Patches M F-1670,  Granite Canyon F-2049,
 Rainy Moon F-181, The Leopard King F-2088,  Black Pepper Queen F-2898,
Te N Te (AQHA),
Nasrullah (TB), Sir Gallahad III (TB), Count Fleet (TB)

Carnival Moon
ApHC # 530770
ICAA Eligible

            'Moon', 1994 Foundation Mare
Moon is another daughter  of the 16.3 dressage stallion Chocolate Confetti!  Moon stands 15.2 hands, is a lacy blanketed bay mare, well broke to ride , sweet and friendly.  Moons maternal bloodlines are a combination of Chief Malhuer and Red Eagle  breeding with a touch of Thoroughbred flavor.
Moon has gone to greener pastures.  We miss her!

Her Bloodlines include:

4x's Knobby, Mulino Cousin, Bear Paw,
Red Eagles Peacock
2x's Teddy

LC Calico Cloud
ApHC # 474564
FAHR Eligible

                   'Calico', 1988 Mare
Bred by the Late Alice Pratt, this black leopard mare is a daughter of Kemos Fire Shadow X Pratt Miss Pepper.  Beautifully bred, and gloriously colored, this mare was a 'do it all' type.  Once meeting the rigors of polo, to lazy afternoons of trail riding, Calico is a true testament to the sound longevity of the old line Appaloosa.  Calico is a sweetheart whose voice you recognize calling to you from the pasture.  She is the kind of mare you instantly have a relationship with!

Her Bloodlines include:

Navajo Britches, Arab Toswirah Alkhar,
Pratts Toby, Apache,  Sundance 500, Simcoes Snowy Rock,
High Thunderbird

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