CT Ranch Stallions
Absolutely our stallions were chosen for that conformational niche with our mares & we expect them to be gentlemen, 
yet at the same time we want to see a fire in their movement,
a confident willing attitude, and a brilliance that makes them stand out from the crowd. 

These boys have it!

ALL Stallions have been Sold!

CTR Smokin Hot Eagle
ApHC #660758
FAHR Eligible

         "Smoke" 2009 Stallion   
              Pedigree              More photos
A son of My Silver Eagle X Ebony Mirage Spot, Smoke has proven himself worthy of being titled CT Ranch's homegrown senior stallion!  Substantial in body and standing 16. hands as a five year old, the promise we saw in him as a foal has come to fruition. 

Smoke has been raised right.  his first 6 months were spent at the side of his dam out on open rolling pastures, developing in mind and frame.  At weaning along with his other young pasture mates, he was broke to lead, stand tied, etc.  As a yearling he spent his time out in the pasture with other yearlings just growing, playing and being a young horse.  As a two year old, we expanded his education to include not only human handlers but the dynamics of aged mares.  He tried to convince those girls  he was all of that and a slice of bread, and with ears pinned and tails swishing, they let him know he wasn't!

In Smokes third year he traveled to a neighboring state where he successfully serviced via hand breeding four dynamic foundation mares under the care of Dream Maker Appaloosas.

Hence, Smoke is nicely acclimated to handling by a variety of people and a variety of breeding scenarios. This stallion is respectful, calm, quiet and well on his way to a proven production record.  Please check back to see the 'page in progress' of Smoke's outstanding foals.
Smoke is a black leopard carrying Ee/aa LP/lp PATN1/PATN1.  He has also been genetically tested through Animal genetics and is five panel N/N
Sold!  Congratulations to Pine Legacy Appaloosas and ODR Appaloosas of Quebec Canada

His Bloodline include:

5X's Simcoes Sarcee,
Sun Powder Spirit, Solar Flair Eclat,
Chief of Fourmile, The Toby and Ulrich Stallions

CTR Turn and Burn
ApHC # N 680919

FAHR F-5 Eligible

         'Ben', 2012 Stallion  100% FPD
                          Pedigree             Photos
CTR Turn And Burn is a non characteristic black beauty to say the least!  Not a planned breeding, but not a disappointment either.   after years of breeding incredibly smart, athletic, and confident horses  what did we expect from his sire and dam!  It doesn't always matter how tall the fences, or how wide the pond, they can and will jump and swim with no problem!   Having said that, Ben is mother natures way of putting something phenomenal on the ground, and we love him!  Ben has a strong hip and chest, nice medium bone, agility to burn, and super sense, coupled with the genetic potential to do just what CT Ranch did all those years ago when we stood  his black fewspot leopard grandsire, My Silver Eagle. 

Ben has been genetically tested through UC Davis and is EE/aa/PATN1/PATN1.  All of his foals will be black based and all will inherit PATN1!
5 panel N/N through parentage.
Sold.  Congratualtions to Will Ranch!

His Bloodlines Include:

Simcoes Sarcee, Ulrich Monarch, Navajos Candy, Pratt Toby Secret,
Solar Flair Eclat, Sun Powder Spirit, Trixie,
Mansfield Comanche

Reference sires:

RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain
ApHC # 611563
ICAA # F4-2280

   "Atta",  2002  Purebred Stallion
Standing 16.2 hands, Atta is a bold moving black based fewspot leopard, genetically proven by progeny to be prepotent for trainability, movement, size and bone.  To date, every one of Attas foals ( which are well over 25), fit the scope of what is termed 'leopard'.  Making him proven by progeny to be a 100% leopard producer.

A grandson of 'Ghost Winds Echo', double bred 'Solar Flair Eclat' with a touch of Candy/Simcoes Sarcee through Ulrich's Many Coups,  Atta's ancestry is built upon four distinct leopard lines that when brought together incorporate tremendous talent from sport horse disciplines to competitive trail.  This stud is the epitome of versatility.

So then,  what makes a great stallion?  Is it awards and ribbons earned by him or his foals?  Or is it genetically consistent contributions to the breed?  CT Ranch believes it is all of the above.  Choosing Atta as the sire of your future foals means intelligence, ability and loud leopard patterning no longer has to be 'the roll of the dice',  it can be the standard.

Atta has been Sold to 'Obney Stud' in Scotland!  We will continue to have him pictured here for reference of our expected 2012 foals.

A sampling of Atta's progeny

Additional photos of Atta

Stud Fee $1,500.00  for Frozen semen only

Latest News!

                  Eria Gwen
RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain X Waps Malaika.  2011 filly owned by Martha Mitchell,
Taking the win in her USDF 'In Hand" class at "dressage at Devon!

His Bloodlines include:

Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634, 4x's Chief Malhuer F-1274
4x's Rainy Moon F-181, 8x's Sundance F-500,
Ulrich's Papillon,  2x's Solar Flair Eclat 372595
Joker B F-678,  Coinage  235212,
The Ruff Stallions

CTR Super Sonic
ApHC # 674171

, 2010 Purebred stallion         
               Pedigree             More Photos

Nitro is a son of Ti Kha Atta Rain X CTR Silver  Cheetah Spot and combines many generations of the most genetically influential breeding stock CT Ranch has owned and produced!  loud, jet black and about as a brilliantly marked leopard as they come, Nitro is remarkably correct.  He has exceptional balance, nice bone, extension and lift that allows him to get under himself very well while tracking nearly perfectly.  As is typical with our Atta sons and daughters this guy is intelligent.  He learns quickly, retains what he learns, and is eager for more interaction.  CT Ranch feels this colt will follow in the foot steps of his sire and grand sire and be a worthy contribution to the Appaloosa gene pool as a stallion.


Nitro has been tested through Animal Genetics, and is negative for PSSM1.
He has also been coat color tested and is EE/
aa, homozygous black.

His bloodlines include:

Ti Kha Atta Rain, My Silver Eagle,
Sun Powder Spirit,
5x's Simcoes Sarcee, 2x's Kaniksus Spots,
3x's Solar Flair Eclat, 
2x's Cedar Ridge Spot

My Silver Eagle
ApHC#  595187
ICAA Registered

              Eagle,   2000 Stallion,  SOLD!
Pedigree    Eagle Photos      Eagle Foals       
Eagle is a 15  hand gaited black fewspot leopard.  This stallion has so many attributes it is hard to know where to start.  His conformation screams versatile athleticism, while his movement is fluid and powerful.  When you see him in the pasture there is no doubt he is one proud boy  who was born to be a herd sire!  The foals this stallion is putting on the ground are proof positive of that.  Siring either loud leopards or fancy fewspot leopards, these foals have been beautifully correct with minds to match.  Eagle's ability to pass on Appaloosa color and or characteristics 100% of the time, to his foals, out of any mare of any breed makes this stallion a highly complete package.

View Eagle's  Sire, Grand sire, grand dam, and great grand sire:

Kaniksus Spots, Pratt Toby Secret, Ulrich's Shawnee, & Ulrich's Monarch

Eagle has been SOLD!  He will be residing in California at Freedom Ranch. 

His Bloodlines include:

3x's Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634,
Kaniksus Spots  28085,  Pratt Toby Secret  310323,
Chief of Fourmile F-2219,  2x's Kamiak Trixie F-3255,  3x's Candy F-320,
Joker B F-678, Simcoe's Snowyrock F-3800,
6x's Chief Navajo F-1970,  2x's Ulrich Many Coups 211687,
Ulrich's Monarch 412031, 2x's Sundance F-500,
The Toby Stallions

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