CT Ranch Yearling Sales
The yearlings listed below have been trained to
lead, stand tied, and load in a trailer.
They are well on their way to being your next performance or trail partner.

CTR Apache Warpaint
ApHC #681052 ICAA/FAHR Eligible

                    2016, Stallion  100% FPD                 
This lovely black fewspot leopard colt is the first foal by our RDF Ti KHa Atta Rain daughter, CTR Atta October Sky!  He has a gorgeous face and head, is leggy which is no surprise , and very interested in what is going on with the person holding the camera!    We anticipate this colt maturing to the 15.3 hand range.  He is of course homozygous for LP, so producing foals with Appaloosa color and or characteristics is a given.   Warpaint has been tested through Animal genetics.  He is negative on the 5 panel test, and is  EE/aa/LP/LP/PATN1/patn1
Sold!  Congratulations to Jeff and Tracy Skott

His Bloodlines include:

RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain,
Rainy Moon, Brave moon, 3x's Solar Flair Eclat, Money creeks Leopard Angel,
3x's Patchy

CTR Stormclouds Jovani
ApHC #681053 ICAA/FAHR Eligible

       Jovani.  Stallion, 100% FPD  
                 Pedigree                    More photos
Jovani, is a black based fewspot leopard colt, that has excellent bone, a beautiful face and head, and legs that are endless!  In this particular photo he is three hours old.   As soon as our rain subsides we will get more photos of him.  Love this kid!
Sold.  Congratulations to Pilo on yet another purchase of fine CT Ranch Stock!
His Bloodlines:

Storm Cloud F, Polkadott Toby,
Tuts Yawka, Rileys Purple Doll, BWS Night Eagle,
Apaches Kid Galahad

CTR Apache Outlaw
ApHC #681054 ICAA/FAHR Eligible

            2016 Stallion, 100% FPD               
A beautiful, sweet, altheltic black leopard colt, born April 1st,  it is not a bad way to start out our 2016 foaling season!  Sired by Apaches Two Feathers and out of Tobys Black Rose, this colt is a close copy of his 2015 full brother CTR Picasso.  He is 5 panel tested and negative on all tests. If you are looking for a stallion prospect or a good performance horse there are no worries with this kid.  He is straight, correct and as easy on the eye as you can want!

Sold and will be residing in Indiana!
His bloodlines Include:
Apache Polar Star, Toby K's Shadow,

CTR Polaris Diana
ApHC #677036 FAHR Eligible

           'Diana', Foundation 2014 Filly            
Out of a homegrown mare, CTR Stormclouds Fire and sired by Apaches Two Feathers,  we just can not find fault with this filly!  Straight, correct, elegant, with a carriage that inspired her name.  This filly has a pedigree that speaks volumes about her foundation heritage,  while speaking volumes to a person with a eye for good horses.
Please take the time to read through her pedigree and prepare yourself to be impressed! 
On a final note, she was born a near leopard, and already has begun to develope more spots!  She will likely stay black from the knees down, but the rest of her will be a on going surprise!
Sold, Congratulations to Patricia and Marcus!
Her bloodlines include:

Polkadott Toby, Coyotes Apache, Apache Polar Star,
Bear Step, Blue Bear, Ima Sunray Too

CTR Smoke N Zanadu
ApHC Eligible
FAHR/ICAA Eligible

                   Zanadu, 2014 5 Generation filly 
Simcoes Sarcee (Charley Peterson) breeding along with the bloodlines of the 'Foster' bred horses gives this filly 'all the right stuff',   A daughter of CTR Smokin Hot Eagle X Dudes Mert, she promises to be nicely muscled, stout, with good feet, good bone, powerful hip, and brains.  Born a near leopard like her other pasture mates, it will not be long and she will spotting out. 
Sold, Congratulations to Patricia and Marcus!

Her bloodlines include:

My Silver Eagle, Chareds Tuff Tony,
Mays Surprise, Joker B, Simcoes Sarcee, Sun Powder Spirit,
Ulrich Monarch

CTR Silver Bonanza
ApHC # 670155 ICAA F5 eligible

     "Tough", 2011 Filly,  100% FPD 
           Pedigree                More Photos
The 'nuts and bolts' of this girls athletic probability, is a culmination of historically  genetic strength and it's potential in two line bred individuals bringing hybrid vigor, to their get! Having said that, grab a cup of coffee and take a sit down and lets take a look at her!

Tough is bred for performance.  her dam, line bred ApHC and NCHA cutting legend Cooterville Mackey's Pride, also carries the flavor of W-M's Copper Dollar, Cooterville Crawfish, and the paternal half brothers, Joker B & Norells Little Red. 
Her sire a cutter himself, carries three crosses to ApHC cutting champion Simcoes Chinook, as well as the flavors of ApHC champion performance stallions/Hall of Fame stallions Chief of Fourmile and Joker B.
Interestingly in back to back seasons, 1960 and 1961 Cooterville Mackey's Pride took champion cutting titles against an impressive line-up of the highly respected cutters, W-M's Copper Dollar, Simcoes Chinook, Double Six Domino and ApHC Hall of Fame stallion Rustler Bill.

In Tough we see, the balanced yet powerful conformation she is going to need to be cat quick, and light on her forehand.  We recognize serious potential in this filly.
Sold!  Congratulations Chuck!
Her bloodlines include:

My Silver Eagle
6x's Mansfield Comanche, 4x's  Cooterbille Crawfish,
2x's Bambie E

CTR Skies The Limit
ApHC Eligible
ICAA F5 /IPAA F6 Eligible

                'Missy' 2012 Purebred Filly     
This homozygous daughter of RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain X LVR Apachys Image, is straight, correct and going to be huge!  She is all about knowing what you are doing and not allowing you to do it alone!  This mind set coupled with her build gives this filly great potential in the performance/sport venues.
Sold!  Congrats to Amy
Her Bloodlines include:

2x's Chief Handprint, Bryants Apache Lad, Sonseeray,
Peppers Shamrock, Solar Flair Eclat, Bambie E

CTR Chevaleresse
ApHC 67210
FAHR F-6 Eligible

     'Chevalresse',  2012 Purebred filly
Sired by Ti Kha Atta Rain out of AA Shyama Oheo B,  Chevaleresse is a shining example of yet another foal stamped by her sire.  this filly has a top line we just can not find fault with!  She is balanced, correct and sweet.  Since has discovered what those long legs are for she can really turn on the speed!   It is fun to watch her show off.  She literally hits the skids in front of you, waits for your attention and then takes off at the speed of sound.  This filly has ability to burn!
Chevelreese should mature to 15.2 hand range.
Not For Sale due to a injury
Her Bloodlines include:

Ghost Winds Echo,
6x's Money Creeks Leopard Angel, Sully Butterfly, Apache,
Tammerlane, Artesian Tobys Chief

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